5 Ways to Live Your Best Summer Life [A How To]

Summertime evokes a certain nostalgia for me about long days spent playing with my neighborhood friends, riding my bike EVERYWHERE, playing in the creek unsupervised, and nights when families gathered at the ice cream stand (which was actually just an ordering window in parking lot, but so iconic in my memory!).

Now that I’m a mama with a family of my own, I love watching the summer days play out for the kids at Mighty Seeds. They have taught us so much about what it means to be a carefree, inquisitive kid playing with your friends outside in nature.

Here’s how they do it, and how we all should do summer!

1. Catch all the toads.

(Because it’s easier than catching frogs.)

2. Make new friends.

Especially ones who like catching toads.


3. Find a soft spot to curl up and relax.

You deserve it.

4. Climb that tree.

Pro tip: while it’s not OK to climb trees at conservation areas like the Arboretum or Dane County Parks, Madison Parks would love for you to get in there and even put up a slack line or hammock. Just make sure you check out their guidelines first.

5. Get lost in your imagination.

Be the knight of your own land, garden, shed, whatever.