We founded Mighty Seeds as a nonprofit organization for the ability to partner with members of our community with the goal of offering Forest School curriculum to a diverse group of families. Mighty Seeds will pursue grants to offer tuition assistance and expand our reach.

What do you use for bathrooms?

We pack in our travel potty (a Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Toilet) to our main base and pack it out every day. The toilet sits within a small pop-up tent for privacy. We’ve found the kids absolutely LOVE the novelty of going potty in the woods! And while our program is most effective for a child who is reliably potty trained, we understand that it can be a gradual process and work with parents to also use pull-ups or diapers. We follow Public Health guidelines for handwashing with water that we bring up to our base camp.

how will my child stay hydrated?

We will have filtered water tanks packed to our main base for children to fill up their water bottles. The water tanks also have a hand pump that helps the kids to be self sufficient to properly hydrate when they’re feeling thirsty.

Won’t they get too cold, too wet, or too hot? What about bugs?

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” We will be outside in all kinds of weather (we adhere to the weather watch standards set in place by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families), and we will provide information and guidance on how to help you dress your kids for the weather to ensure they are comfortable. We can apply sunscreen and bug spray of all kinds, which is provided by families.

What will happen when the weather is prohibitive for time outdoors?

We are committed to reliably running our preschool program regardless of severe weather. As long as MMSD is open, we will meet at our alternate indoor location and delve into activities, crafts, and learning complimentary to our interests that week. This may mean that we get 20 minutes to an hour of time spent outside, with the remainder spent indoors. Parents will be notified in advance if we will be meeting at our alternate location.


A key component of a Forest School education is helping a child develop an awareness of risk and increasing their confidence to manage risk. Our program is led by a Forest School trained educator who will communicate with our families on how we manage risk and promote safety in our program.